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The world is in a state of change and now is the perfect time to look at the world with a fresh vision. The Infinite Jeff offers deep insight in a fun, fast read that’s hard to put down. All three parts are offered here for $40, signed and inscribed, instead of $45 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Story Summary
Stanley, an out of work tech writer, who is deeply unsatisfied with the lack of meaning in his life. To him, work serves only to put money in the checking account. Church is filled with messages he can’t connect with so Christianity feels out of reach. Out of desperation to support his family, he takes a short-term contract job on the other side of the country. He cannot afford to fly so he packs his car for the cross-country journey. The trip gets strange almost immediately when he reluctantly picks up a hitchhiker.


Get all three parts, signed and personally inscribed. Just make sure you include the name you want the inscription made out to.

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