Clinically Un-Depressed

Theater is an amazing thing. I’ve been working to get the show ready to open . What is amazing is all the people giving of themselves to make things happen. To bring Clinically Un-Depressed to life at the Bastrop Opera House, besides the cast, we have have people helping with the set, working on the lighting, marketing, writing music, singing for that music, taking pictures that will be used in the show, putting out posters. We will have a front of the house crew, working the box office and concessions. I have been working with these people for almost a month now for this show and am thankful so many people are willing to do this for the show.

It is going to be a great show. I will post some pictures here after we start. Try to make it if you can.

We open August 10th. You can get tickets or more information at Bastrop Opera House.