Shade of a Different Color

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You and me – can’t you see
Are in a world – of peculiarity

Black’s not white – ‘cept for Thursday night
Oh, the moon is bright – and all is right

Yea, it’s all the same – But in a different way
It’s hard to say – If there’s another way

********* Chorus ****************
I’m a shade of blue – You’re a shade of another
And all in all we’re – The same shade of a different color
Yea, all in all we’re – The same shade of a different color

I saw it coming – When it went away
Oh, that look in your eye – Will it be back someday

Is the door still closed – All the way
Can I look through the window – And learn how to pray

I’ve heard them ask – how full is your glass
Depends on your future – not your past

What shade are your glasses – When you look at me
If they’re the same shade – You’ll never see me

Take them off – I’m a rainbow in disguise
The darker they are – The bigger the lies
The darker they are – yea, the bigger the lies

Copyright 2010  Will Holcomb

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