Sea of Crises

Guy Tucker, the main Character in, An Unsafe Place: A Love Story is a poet but doesn’t read his poetry to anyone. That is until Bency comes into his life. This is the first poem he ever reads to anyone.

Sea of Crises

I once took a trip to the silvery moon
Then looked back to the so blue Earth
It told me to come home soon
For it was the place of my birth

The universe invited me to explore
It’s mystery was grand and inviting
And people home on Earth were a bore
They fought battles not worth fighting

So, I flew faster than light
Explored the farthest of reaches
I learned what was wrong and right
By listening to what the universe teaches

I flew back to the place of my birth
To find the cruel wars had not ended
Factories spewed an ugly black girth
People’s soul wrongly measure for worth
Humanity was dying, no chance for rebirth
I took my gift of humanity and rescinded

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