Graphic for An Unsafe Place

I’m very excited to see this piece of work coming together. It will premiere at Playhouse Smithville in Smithville, Texas in the April/May 2020 time frame. I feel very blessed to have john daniels, jr. directing the show. john and I work together very well. He has the unique ability to help realize the ideas in my head and help get that on stage while, at the same time, helping to grow that idea without corrupting it with his own personal preference. His ideas always add to mine instead of taking it in a new direction.

I am also blessed to work with two skilled and creative musicians. Matt Torrez, of the band Djester Brother, and Geno Gottschall, of the band Geno Gottschall and his Rockaholics, are an inspired duo creating some impressive songs with the words I have given them. We are close to finishing the first pass at the songs and will then work to finalize them.

A little about the title of the play. I have had a lot of discussions with people about the title. If you don’t know the story, the title could mean something else, but once you know a little about the story the title is exactly right. I have mixed feelings about that, maybe that adds intrigue to the play or maybe it detracts because people will dismiss it because they think it is about domestic violence. The story is about a man who is insane and his journey out of insanity. He meets a woman who he tries to push away because he knows he isn’t alright. As she pushes her way into his head, he tells her his mind is an unsafe place. But, from the title, we know it is a love story so we know she doesn’t listen.

Exciting times in the writing world of Will Holcomb with a lot of work going on with a lot of people. I am working on part 4 of my book, working on songs which arent part of the rock opera, have a graphic novel and multiple other stories started, etc. All of that has to fit in with family and a full-time job. Hopefully, my writing will start bringing in more money and start being able to support my family. At that point, the flood gates will be open and who knows what will pour out of this “unsafe” mind? All of you reading this are important in making that happen. I don’t like begging, but reviews and sharing my work is critical. If you like my work, please share with others who you think will like it. I actually started a Patreon page but haven’t done anything with it. You have to fill out all those things you offer at different contribution levels and that takes time and thought. I would rather write. 🙂

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