Live Streaming of Clinically Un-Depressed at Bastrop Opera House

Clinically Un-Depressed was such a success at Bastrop Opera House with its last production, they’re bringing it back due to popular demand.

Even better, you have the option to watch it from the comfort of you own home if you don’t live in the area. With live streaming you can watch it with your family or get a group to watch. It’s perfect for a youth group, Sunday school, classroom, or other groups. It will lead to great discussions about who we are as a people.

Find out more at Clinically Un-Depressed or go to Bastrop Opera House to get tickets for the live show and live streaming.

Will Holcomb will also have a limited number of signed books and scripts available for purchase. If you want to make sure you get a signing copy, get yours from Amazon and bring it to the show.

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