A Parable of Change for a Changing World

The Infinite Jeff

My editor added the subtitle A Parable of Change and I liked it at the time. Now, I  love it, it is the perfect message for our current world. We have entered into a time modern humanity has never experienced. We are in a time of great change. We have seen our economy shut down and people are trying to figure out what the new normal will be once we start emerging from our houses.

I recently had a reader finish all three parts of The Infinite Jeff: A Parable of Change and told me she was glad she waited because the ideas are so pertinent to our changing world.

The Infinite Jeff explores, religion, spirituality, the economy, business, education, personal growth, communities helping each other, and so much more, all in a story that will keep you turning pages, stopping only to underline what you just read. It will leave you excited and hopeful for the future.

All three parts are available individually on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers for $15. I have made all three available, signed and inscribed, on this site for $35.